Sydney, Maci & Abigail romping at Bailey Beach
Rich and his boy, Murray
Matthew, Carol & Jordan with their Tallulah
Charlie (Abigail's son)
Believe it or not, this is Taino with a live guinea
pig.  If I didn't know better, I would have thought
he had a stuffed toy!
Duncan, Abby's boy
Little Maci, certified therapy dog, continues to bring
smiles to everyone she meets, especially the kids who read
to her during weekly visit to the local library
The puppy on the cover is one of
Madison's babies.-2008
First Nalla, then Indigo and now Luci Bean.  Honored to have placed 3 pups in within the same family
Lulu, Abby's girl
Rags enjoying the baseball game
Above is a T-Mobile ad with Sparky.
Watch me and Abigail's pups on an episode of
Run's House - The Puppy Whisperer  - Season 6
Lilly, Nikki's girl
Nalla, a certified service dog, got to spend time in Disney World!  Nalla is a
Nikki's girl
Parker, Gracie's boy - 2014
Frankie, Maci/Spark girl
These pups are featured in Kohl's advertisements
for Chaps clothing.  Pups are Maci's girls.
Rags has a new family member to love and
love her!
Bailey, Abby's pup
Long Island, New York
Breeding Authentic Australian Labradoodles
Est. 2004
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Kaiya, Dinah's girl
Jessie, Sammie's girl
These three pups shown in a Ralph
Lauren ad are Nikki's
Phoebe & her buddy, Sam
Lola M., -Phoebe's girl
Rowdy & Bosco meet at the beach - 2013
Riley, certified therapy dog listening to
children read to her at the local library.
Riley is Nikki's girl
Holly in a Baby Gap add - 2013
Molly featured with Alicia Keys in Glamour
Lil Maci and her friend, Abby cat
Toby, Gracie's boy - 2013
Baxter, Gracie's boy - 2013
Zooey, Phoebe's girl with her kitty friend
Harry, Molly's boy - 2012
Rusty, Happy's boy - 2014
Jack celebrating his first
birthday, Molly's boy -
Benny - Sammie's boy - 2014
Jessie goes to college
Sammie's girl,
Marshall, Maci's boy
Maisie, Gracie's girl, with her kitty friend -2013
Norman - Happy's boy